About Kaytee

Kaytee is a Canadian illustrator based in Toronto. She started the feminist company - Lady No Brow - in 2015, grew its following to 27k on Instagram by taking her bare self, thoughts on mental health and political views and turning them into wearable art. Stocked globally, ran singlehandedly, and having established such a reach that she was solicited by Netflix & AMC to design for them, she eventually sold the company in 2019 in order to pursue different artistic goals.

Previous to this, she was responsible for designing the Hipster Mermaid Wedding Cake that was featured worldwide.

Kaytee had a solo art show at Fountain Gallery in Toronto in 2019, as well as at Lonely Hearts Cafe in Berlin, in 2021.

She designed the logo and makes illustrations for the Hot Globe web series about climate change in Canada.

She plays video games in her spare time, when she isn't drawing and hanging with her cats. She looooooves to learn.